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  • Ø40mm NdFeB driver unit features high sensitivity, wide frequency response and large dynamic range

  • Adopts compound material diaphragm, pure LF, penetrating MF and delicate HF  

  • Vocal signal cable designed with high sensitivity microphone for outstanding gaming dialogue experience

  • Soft headband and ear pads for comfortable wearing 

  • Ergonomic design suits for various head shape wearing

  • Provided with headphone signal cable and Y-type extension cable to meet the application of mobile device, PC, etc

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  • Connect via 3.5mm jack.


  • Connect via 3.5mm jack.


  • Connect via 3.5mm jack.

Unit Type


Unit Diameter


Unit Impedance


Frequency Response



1mW 1KHz 318 simulation ears

Peak Power


Rated Power


Headphone/Microphone Signal Cable

Ø4mm x 1.3m

Headphone Signal Cable

Ø4mm x 1.2m

Y-type Extension Cable

Ø4mm x 2m

Net Weight

approximate 235g (w/o cable)

1 x Gaming headphone

1 x Headphone/microphone signal cable

1 x Headphone signal cable

1 x Y-type extension cable

1 x Windscreen

1 x User manual

1. Buzzing sound when using headphones

Plug the headphones into a different device (e.g., desktop PC, laptop, phone) and see if you get the same sound issues. If so, it may be an issue with the headphones. Otherwise, it may be an issue with the electrical environment, please check (e.g., circuit grounding, interference sources).

2. Buzzing sound in microphone

Try record with the recorder in system menu, or plug the detachable mic into a portable device with 3.5mm jack and try record with WeChat or other chatting application. If the same problem persists, it may be an issue with the mic itself, please contact our after-sales service.

3. Warranty

All products sold in our store can enjoy a 7-Day Unconditional Return / 15-Day Quality-Related Free Replacement policy, as well as 1-Year limited warranty services.

4. Invoice

Our company issues electronic invoices uniformly. If you need invoices, please contact our customer service after confirming receipt of goods, provide the Invoice Header+Tax Number, and your Email Address. Our finance department will issue a formal electronic invoice accordingly.